Access to Baby Bigfoot Flaco’s Discord

🐝Save Bees & Grow Moringa 🌱

This NFT Grants Access to Baby Bigfoot’s closed channel inside of the ReUpCafe Discord server.

Hola Flaquitos!

Thank you for helping us save the bees with blockchain!

We tweet & IG our updates for free @SmartFLACO Our go-getter Flaquitos crew make stuff happen in a paid for access Discord server. This is where you can know things first.

Access to this discord channel ORIGINALLY went for only 7 $XTZ to 30 collectors (because that’s how old Flaco was when minting 10-10-21 the price of Tezos $7.45). There are 100 editions of this video NFT minted and only 30 editions released at first for public swapping, reserving 70 for later releases and pricing. Collectors of this NFT gain lifelong access even if they sell the NFT for profit; reswapping is encouraged as it helps “Community Grow Commerce.” If you show proof that you reswapped this NFT, you’ll get a special perk as well as profiting on gaining lifelong access.

Triple win: for you, for us, & for the community.

This NFTs unlocks a closed server for you in our ReUPCafe server & metaverse; the paid for channel is for early collaboration access and releases.

The Smart Florida Coin & SmartFlorida.ID will be launching in 2022. Early stakers will be handsomely rewarded as they secure our culture and financial sovereignty for thousands of years.

There’s more! People in our discord group will have the opportunity at double and triple digit SmartFlorida.ID numbers. They will receive special NFTs when they are issued their wallets.

To join the conversation & ECONOMIC RENAISSANCE, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Convert FIAT into $XTZ in an exchange.
  • Step 2: Place that crypto into a wallet compatible with
  • Step 3: Swap your crypto (Tezos) for this NFT in our ReUpCafe gallery.
  • Step 4: Claim the public keys send us proof for access into the discord channel.
  • Step 5: [Optional] Re-swap for profit & special perks. Reswapping helps grow our community. Please consider this option.

I look forward to see you in our discord channel! Thank you for helping to Save Bees & Grow Moringa.

💚 Flaco!

  • 🟢
  • Public Wallet: reupcafe.tez
  • Signal App 727-249-2272
  • Discord Free-xyz-chatter 🦅

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